East Anglia Team Members

Dr Ian Wilson ARPS (Regional Organiser) 

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A Photographer of No Fixed Abode 

So, will this nomadic photographer ever settle down? The simple answer is: I hope not! It’s great fun being a “Jack of all trades” even if - inevitably - one ends up as “master of none”. I have recently rediscovered the joy of natural history photography - something I haven’t tackled in many years. Who knows, one day I might even pluck up enough courage to attempt some portraiture again? But weddings? Never! We are fortunate, as photographers, that our passion is so universally applicable. Why bother to wear the strait-jacket of specialisation?

Ann Miles FRPS (Assistant Organiser) 

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John Thompson ARPS (Treasurer) 

Rod Blackmore LRPS (Newsletter Editor) 

Moira Ellice ARPS (Exhibition Co-ordinator) 

Mathew Clarke (DPIC Co-ordinator) 

John P Margetts ARPS (Web Master) 

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