Information & Downloads

Information about Distinctions.

If you are planning to submit your work for one of the RPS Distinctions, you may find looking at what other people have done is helpful.

Here are examples of successful panels, some with explanations from their authors.

Successful LRPS Panels

   Christopher Taylor                                   Jim Mcculloch


                 David Hogg                                      David Norfolk


Successful ARPS Panels

        Doug Berndt                     Keith Lynch                 John Margetts


                      Del Barrett                                     Viveca Koh


Information and Downloads about Techniques.

Photography of Star Trails.

This article by David Eaves ARPS gives lots of help and advice. It can be downloaded just click on the image below.

Monitor Calibration

Mike McNamee FRPS explains the best way match the print to the screen. His excellent article on how it can be achieved can be downloaded by just clicking on the image below.

Digital Photography & Visual Art.

Here, Gwynn T Robison FRPS dicusses the difference between to two, and develops his argument with the aid of an example. To download his article just click on the image below.