Regional Newsletters

East Anglia Regional Newsletters


Regional newsletters are published in two formats:

  • a digital edition in full colour which will only be available from this page; and

  • a print edition which will be published and sent out with the RPS Journal (due to the high production costs, the print edition will only be available in black and white, without pictures).


Our Latest Newsletters:

March 2017 AGM News and Exhibition Entry.

Archive of earlier Newsletters:

November December 2016 Up coming events and other details of our Region.
July 2016   The 2016 Annual Exhibition Awards & Acceptances
April 2016  2016 AGM and Annual Print and PDI Exhibition News
December 2015  Newsletter
July 2015  Newsletter, DI Group & Annual Exhibition
April 2015  Newsletter, AGM, Annual Print and PDI exhibition news.
December 2014  Newsletter & Distinctions Successes
December 2014  Newsletter & Events
July 2014  Newsletter & Annual Exhibition Acceptances
May 2014  Newsletter & Events
March 2014  Newsletter & Details of Science Festival
November 2013  Newsletter & Distinctions Successes
November 2013  Newsletter & Events
June 2013  Newsletter, AGM, Annual Print and PDI exhibition news.
February 2013  Farewell to Joy Hancock, Newsletter & AGM News
May 2012  Newsletter & Events