EM AGM 2017 Minutes


Held at Whatton Village Hall, 19 February 2017, 10am

Present: From the committee: Stewart Wall, Geoff Blackwell, Peter Morley, Ralph Bennett, Mark Flatman and nominee for treasurer Andrew Wainwright.

Shona Wall agreed to take minutes.

In total 31 people attended.

Apologies: Robert Herringshaw, Peter Yeo.

No conflict of interest was declared.

The minutes of the last annual meeting were agreed, after a suggested amendment by Peter Morley regarding nominations was agreed.

Chair’s Report

Stewart presented a brief talk with slides about some of the events during the year. He said he felt somewhat intimidated when taking over as RO as he was relatively new. He thanked the committee for doing a fabulous job. Nicola Young was present from Head Office. She is currently seeking to co-ordinate volunteers within the RPS. Stewart thanked Geoff Blackwell for not only being the treasurer, but also being an ambassador for the RPS, particularly during the accreditation process of the University Centre, Grimsby.

Treasurer’s Report

Geoff announced that he would be stepping down as treasurer. He said it was always sad to move but since he and Hazel had moved house to the Sheffield area it had become difficult to maintain old contacts while establishing new ones. He thanked businessman Andrew Wainwright, LRPS, a qualified accountant and former chairman of Rushcliffe Camera Club, for agreeing to stand as treasurer. Ralph proposed a vote of thanks to Geoff for everything he has done and Geoff was presented with a small gift. Geoff said financially it had been a very successful year for the East Midlands Region with a better margin from running events. There was a significant saving in venue costs. It was not the objective of the RPS regions to accumulate cash, though local treasurers tended to be nervous of running at a loss. There will be cash available for worthwhile projects and if attendees had any in mind they should speak about them to Stewart, who would hopefully steer them through the committee process.

Election of Committee

With the exception of Geoff, all the present committee had indicated they would be willing to stand again. Lyn Haith proposed that a vote was taken en masse to accept all the nominations for the committee and of Andrew as treasurer. The proposal was seconded by John Marris and was supported unanimously. The meeting closed at 10.20am.