Ian Berry of Magnum visits RPS East Midlands

21 October 2019

Region: East Midlands


Three Olympus OMD Photographers, looking as though they are in the some ancient landscape, and in a way they are, they are on the edge of Nottingham by the Marina

(Right to left), they are from Magnum, Ian Berry (hon) frps and  from The Royal Photographic Society, the Regional Organiser Stewart Wall arps  and past regional Organiser  Ralph Bennett arps.



The image of the three  was taken by Peter Yeo frps on his Leica, who turned up the following day with some beautiful prints, made on Fotospeed Paper (Peter is a Fotospeed Ambassador).

To return the compliment Ian Berry picked up Stewart's OMD to try out Stewart's 14mm to 150mm zoom lens and took a portrait of Peter whilst we sat in Marks and Spencers having a saturday afternoon cup of tea.


In total 10 volunteers of the RPS East Midlands Region joined in with the walk on Saturday, something RPS HQ funded to say thank you to the work they do.


Ian stayed overnight to then talked to an East Midlands RPS event at a packed hall in Whatton about his 'century' of experience traveling the world shooting for Magnum, the Observer and many more publications, including German Magazines who he said favour image making. He gave the audience much to consider.

He recounted some fascinating stories about all sorts of things and people, including Henri Cartier Bresson, Eugene Smith and Martin Parr. Ian is currently the longest serving full member of Magnum, I think everyone felt privileged to have spent time with, a living portal to the greatest time and photographers of Documentary Photojournalism