About Us

Overview.  The London Region of the RPS aims to provide opportunities for photographers of all levels to learn and develop their skills in positive and enjoyable environments, whether in workshops, as group events, on group walks or by taking part in projects.

London Micro-Groups.  We currently have three micro-groups - street, london naturally and bookworms - which meet on a regular, usually monthly, basis, and are led by volunteers with particular interest in these areas - to see more, follow the links - or see the right hand side of this page.   We have also started a monthly Mid-Week Walks group too, details of which are listed on the Events Page.

London Local Groups.  We have three local groups - SE, SW and N London - where Members meet once a month to discuss 'all things photographic'.  Meeting dates are shown on the Events Page. Meetings are open to all and do not require bookings - so come along if you wish.

Distinctions Support.  We have our own Distinctions Support Team.  Working closely with Bristol HQ we run a number of Advisory Days for both Licenciate and Associate levels each year, usually at least one per quarter, sometimes more - again details can be found on the London Events page.  In 2017 we started running self-help groups and we will be doing the same in 2019 under a slightly revised format, which will be announced in mid-January.  Watch the website for more information, or e-mail londonro2@rps.org 

London Region Members Exhibition. In 2017 we held the first London Region Members Exhibition at the Croatian Embassy London.  Our 2018-2019 Exhibition will be at Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highgate:  the Opening Night is on 6th February - link here - and the Exhibition itself will run from 6th February to 4th March.  Here's the link.

Keynote Talks  In 2017 the Region offered Keynote talks from Guardian Sports Reporter, Tom Jenkins and Fine Art and Advertising Photographer, Peter Dazeley FRPS.   At our January 2018 AGM, Chris Steele-Perkins FRPS presented some of his pictures and gave us hints and tips about photographing festivals and events.  On 15th Janury 2019 we are delighted that Steve Smith FRPS will be giving the Keynote Talk following our AGM.  

London Major Projects.  The London Region has been unique in running a major project each year. Our 2016/17 project "Breathing London" was completed in terms of photography in April 2017 with an Exhibition in July that year.  Here is the website.  Our 2018 project "Celebrating London" closes for photography on 1st January 2019 and the last date for uploads will be 31st January 2019 (mid-night).   

London Region Workshops.  From time to time we offer 'special' Workshops.  We ran a series of three with Zoe Wishaw in 2017 and you can read about Zoe here and about the workshops on the events page here and here.  We are planning more workshops, but details have not yet been finalised.  Bath HQ have extended their Workshops programme over the past year or so and now stage workshops in the London Region too.

London Region's Charitable Projects   As part of the charitable work in which the RPS is engaged, we have extended a helping hand to Cafe Art, an organisation which, through art and photography, helps people who are, or have been, affected by homelessness.  As well as helping with the calendar programme, in 2018 we ran a special mentoring programme (more information here) resulting in a series of Exhibition.

We also support a small independent charity called KICK-IT-OUT, by providing volunteer photographers at their events. KICK-IT-OUT enables, facilitates and works with the football authorities, professional clubs, fans and communities to tackle all forms of discimination.

There are opportunities for people to assist with the Cafe Art programmes and for people to join the pool of photographers who photograph Kick-it-Out events for their advertising campaigns.  Any interest, please contact Judy Hicks at http://londonro2@rps.org

Getting involved - Volunteering.  The RPS is run by a small staff at Bath HQ and by a huge number of volunteers and London is no exception: there can never be too many.  Our volunteers work very much as a team:  we meet as a group on a quarterly basis to share ideas, so why not join us by bringing your skills and ideas to the Region? 

Keeping in Touch.  We keep in touch with our members through our events, through e-mails, our Facebook pages and Twitter. At the end of each month we send out, by e-mail, an update called Capital Letter, which reminds members of key events happening during the next two months. To join our Regional Mailing List, click here Information about forthcoming events is also published in The RPS Journal, which is distributed to all Members at the beginning of each month.: In 2019 we will continue to try to improve our social media communications.

Our main Facebook Instagram and Twitter channels are here - click on the images below to go directly to our social media pages...

 https://www.facebook.com/RPSLondon @The_RPSLondon

We have a number of Facebook Groups and Flickr sites for the individual micro-goups and regions - if you need help in finding these, please ask!

And you can find us on meetup....