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The London Region of the RPS aims to promote photography and image-making by bringing the creative community together, and seeks to help photographers at all levels to improve their skills. We do this by providing a broad range of educational and social activities across a number of genres:  from our “First Tuesday” meetings, where we provide talks and presentations across a wide range of interests, to our micro-groups, currently Natural History, Street and Urban.

We also hold a number of Field Trips and have a number of Projects and Exhibitions underway, where participants can practice their skills, learn from each other and showcase their work.  These range from the production of a photo-book by the Urban Group to the Exhibition in City Hall in July, which will showcase (some of) the photographs taken during last year's "Bleeding London" project.  In November, we are putting on an event which we have called "Exposure Week", when Member of the RPS London will be exhibiting at different venues throughout the Capital.

We issue two monthly electronic publications - Capital Letter, which is a round-up of forthcoming events, and Capital Interest, which contains news and articles from regional members. Both are available to read online or download as a pdf here, and will tell you more about us. If you'd like to write an article or edit a special edition, please contact us via london@rps.org

Our Advisory Days are aimed at helping Members and Non-Members alike to achieve their RPS Distinctions.  (See here for more information on these).

Finally, the London Region is manned entirely by volunteers and we always have space for more.  If you would like to help, please let us know!

The events which we currently have scheduled are summarised below. Click on the blue links below the pictures for detailed information and to book.  Where events are not yet highlighted, it means that the dates are held but the event is still in the planning stage.   Please revisit this page regularly as new events, field trips, workshops etc. are always being added.

First Tuesday Meetings
London, Greenwich
1st September 2015
6th October 2015
3rd November 2015
1st December 2015
 Bookworm Club
London, Covent Garden
London, Various

London Street
London Various
12th Septemeber 2015
17th October 2015
14th November 2015
12th December 2015
London Urban
London Various
London Advisory Days
London Various

Exhibitions, Films, Other
London, Various
Field Trips
London, Various
26th to 27th September 2015
London, Various