Distinction Successes

In 2018 the following Distinctions were awarded to London Region Members

Kathryn Alkins LRPS  
Nick Banner LRPS  
Michael Batcheldor LRPS  
Simon Mark Bish LRPS Exemption
Andrew Brown LRPS  
Paul Burwood LRPS  
Lorraine Clifton LRPS  
Czech Conroy LRPS  
Harry Earney LRPS Exemption
Dick Hawkes LRPS  
James Kirkland LRPS  
Cliff Mills LRPS  
Neville Morgan LRPS  
Sandra Roberts LRPS  
Geraint Roberts LRPS Exemption
Chris Saunders LRPS  
Malavika Sophie Sharma LRPS Exemption
Man Hon Ambrose Tang LRPS  
Roy Twyman LRPS  
Paul Warburton LRPS  
W.K. Quentin Young LRPS  
Win Htut Aung ARPS Exemption
Debra Jayne Burgess-Lim ARPS Exemption
Monalisa Chukwuma ARPS Exemption
Mark Cornick ARPS Fine Art
Sophie Evans ARPS Exemption
Miles Flint ARPS Travel
Peter Highton ARPS Fine Art
Barry Hoffman ARPS Fine Art
Nicola Morley ARPS Exemption
James O'Rourke ARPS Exemption
John Penberthy ARPS Fine Art
Emad Sadr ARPS Exemption
Gareth Sell ARPS Exemption
Oliver Spier ARPS Exemption
Rut Blees Luxemburg FRPS Direct
Julia Fullerton-Batten FRPS Direct
Karen Knorr FRPS Direct
Domenico Mimi Mollica FRPS Direct
Daan Olivier FRPS Conceptual & Contemporary
Kyle Tallett FRPS Fine Art
Tessa Traeger FRPS Direct
Tim Flach HonFRPS Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist 

In 2017, the following London Region Members were successful in gaining Distinctions as follows:


  • Steve Clark-Hall
  • Richard Earney
  • Robert Gibbons
  • Peter Humphrey
  • Martin Keene
  • Cheryl Newman
  • Vasilios Papastefanou
  • Dick Pope


  • Dr Pat Barbour
  • Michael Bobb
  • Lucie Brooke
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Dr Julian Cook
  • Amber Eggleden
  • Sue Green
  • Sarah Houben
  • Edward Anthony Hyde
  • Timothy Digby Lawson
  • Angus Stewart


  • Katherine Boswell
  • John Cannon
  • John Cheshire
  • Clare Collins
  • Donald Cooper
  • John Foster
  • Jonathan Irvine
  • Dr Hilary Lumley
  • Paul Mason
  • Cathy Myers
  • Anne Overstall
  • Chris Potter
  • Simon Street
  • Robert Timothy