Celebrating London

The purpose of London Region's 2018 project "Celebrating London" is to capture the city's diversity through its 'feasts, fairs, festivals and events' - both large and small.  Markets also included!   All ranges of photographers are welcome to submit, and all types of photography is welcome, so that we truly capture the spirit of diversity.

To take part, send an e-mail to celebratinglondon@rps.org confirming:

  • Your name
  • E-mail address you would like us to use to communicate with you
  • RPS Membership Number, if a Member
  • Contact telephone number, if you are not a member.

and we will send you a log-in to the special Celebrating London website, where you can upload your pictures.

Pictures must be/must have been taken between 1st October 2017 and 1st January 2019 and the closing date for uploads is 15th January 2019 (mid-night!)

You can view the website at http://www.celebratinglondon.org.uk/rps/ and our Facebook Page here

To sign up to receive regular updates by e-mail, follow the link here.  You can change your preferences at any time, or unsubscribe whenever you wish.