Works of art

23 August 2014

Region: London

As we have a meet-up on the Camberwell art trail today, we’re looking for anything to do with art.


We’ve had street art and statues, but we’re widening the net to include all other types of art – and a good chance to get street art and statues if you missed them the first time around.


The works of art can be as large or as small as you like – for instance, there are some intriguing art works with door names and numbers.


There are bonus points for anything arty in SW5 and SE5 – the two areas that we’re hitting today.  There are double points for garden gnomes, for they are sculptural works of art in their own special way and we, at BL HQ, have been disappointed by the lack of gnomes submitted so far for the project (BPCC 2308)



Image: RM5 Riversdale Road © Adrian McCarthy


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