Bleeding London

Bleeding London

10 March 2014

Region: London

RPS London is launching the most ambitious photo project that the capital has ever seen – to photograph every street in London.

Based on the Whitbread short-listed novel, Bleeding London by Geoff Nicholson, we are challenging Londoners and visitors to follow in the footsteps of Stuart London and cover the entire A to Z. 

We are hoping to have covered the streets by the end of October, with a view to a major exhibition and book in 2015.  Full details of these will be issued at the official launch (date TBC).

Anyone can participate and pictures can be taken on any device.   There are no restrictions on subject matter, but we ask that you take a record shot of the street sign in case it is needed for verification at a later date.

Ahead of the official launch, we are looking for individuals and organisations to sign up to cover different parts of London.  We’ll be issuing daily suggestions here on the RPS website, on Facebook and on Flickr, where we have set up a group for submitting images.  To sign up, email us at

Only images taken on or after the 7th March are submissible.

Suggested Ideas

You can upload any images of any street in London, but if you're stuck for ideas, keep an eye out for the daily suggestions.

10.03.14 #3

Photograph three streets within a five-minute walking distance of your home or office.

09.03.14  #2

'... and a forty-year-old man in a cashmere overcoat walks beneath a railway bridge in this frayed, nondescript part of east London' (BL, 1997:5). Today's suggestion is to look for any of these elements.

08.03.14  #1

Start with a street beginning with A and walk around the neighbouring streets photographing anything of interest. Don't forget to record the street sign for later verification.

Upload your images to our Flickr group here. Each week, we'll be selecting some to post with the daily blog.


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