Introducing the London Team: Norman

04 February 2015

Region: London

Norman Smith LRPS


I achieved my LRPS ‘donkeys years’ ago when we used strange stuff called film and the image ‘genie’ had to be coaxed out of hiding in a darkened room – how times have changed!


I re-awoke to the RPS with the RPS London re-launch and have assisted firstly, as Cave Manager in Greenwich and latterly as convenor of the First Tuesday meetings. Here we discuss anything photographic and have occasional visiting speakers on specialist subjects. Coming up, for example, we have a session on RAW development and then one on Stock Photography.


Being a member of the DVJ, and with my primary interest in Street Photography, we have started a Street Photography micro Group for London meeting monthly, called RPS London, Street to spread the knowledge around, beginners particularly welcome!


My personal Flickr site is here  but do take a look at  RPS London, Street Flickr Group if you think you might be interested in this style photography.


Register for any of the London events at RPS London Events