Meet the London Team: Judy

10 June 2015

Region: London

As volunteer “Webmistress” for London Region, I decided to look up the meaning of the word mistress before going further:  the OED says that a Mistress is a woman in a position of authority or control: she is always mistress of the situation, coolly self-possessed! I wonder where that idea came from!  If you could see and hear me battling with technology in my attempts to keep the London Web updated, you would realize the irony of this description – in fact, how did I ever volunteer for this role?   I’ve no idea - but here I am, trying, with your help and support of course, to keep the events updated in as timely and as accurate way as possible, meeting lots of fabulous new people and learning a great deal about photography in general.

About me.   My main interests are horses, travel and photography. I also love my "home town", London, for its own sake and for what it has to offer in terms of theatre, cinema and music, where my eclectic tastes have taken me this year from a live recital by Lang Lang to Eric Clapton’s 70th Birthday Tour!  My photography is a “work in progress”:  I enjoy almost all genres but recently I have been focusing on travel, urban, street and, of course, BL!