Abundance Of Life

02 April 2016

Region: London

Abundance of Life by Robert Canis


Seasonal advice from award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer, Robert Canis.


Abundance of Life


To me, April really is the start of spring when days become noticeably longer and warmer and our woodlands, parks and gardens are full of spring colour. Birds, both native and migratory, will now be singing on favoured song posts and herons will be busy collecting nesting material. Concentrating on behaviour as opposed to portraits invariably produces the most exciting images and it pays to sit and observe, beside a lake for example, for a while to see who is doing what. Coots are notoriously feisty and great-crested grebes perform the most intimate and mesmerising courtship display. You’ll need the longest lens you have available here (300mm upwards) and do pay close attention to the background as it’s very easy to include distractions when all your attention is focussed on the bird. Aside from birds, our most common mammal in the southeast - squirrels also make excellent subjects to photograph and by taking a few handfuls of bird peanuts or hazelnuts your chances of photographing one in just the right spot (amongst bluebells, crocuses or daffodils for example) will be significantly increased. As with birds, the lower perspective produces the most intimate point of view so it’s always wise not to wear your Sunday Best when seeking out wildlife! 


Image:  Abundance of Life © Robert Canis


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