Signs of Spring by Robert Canis

01 March 2016

Region: London

Signs of Spring by Robert Canis


Seasonal advice from award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer, Robert Canis.


Signs of Spring


March is a time when our woodlands, parks, gardens and commons really spring (pardon the pun!) into life with numerous flowers blooming such as wood anemone, primrose and daffodil. Try not to go for the obvious flowers, however, and think about concentrating on newly emerging buds, unfurling leaves and, as illustrated with this image, honeysuckle shoots. They really do look stunning close-up particularly when backlit or covered in early morning dew or raindrops. There’s no perfect time of day for this kind of photography and rather than waiting for what you may consider ‘ideal’ conditions, simply work with what you’ve got! I love working at either end of the day, particularly at sunset through to dusk where colours become more subtle and I seek out silhouettes. Through using a medium telephoto lens of around 100mm to 200mm set at its widest aperture, paying close attention to the light and placing the subject thoughtfully within the frame, images can be made that are different to the norm and which have a real creative edge.



Image:  Signs of Spring © Robert Canis


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