India@2017 Independence Gala

05 October 2017

Region: London

Browsing through “The Metro” on my way home on Tuesday, I saw an advertisement for an "India@2017 Independence Gala" - one of the highlights of the UK-India Year of Culture, which began in February...  With "Celebrating London" very much in my thoughts, I looked up the website as soon as I got home and was lucky enough to get a ticket!  

What a treat it was!   A magical confluence of dance and music, the Independence Gala marked the culmination of the UK-India 2017 Year of Culture. 

The first half was a rich collection of song and dance from both cultures blending traditional indian costume, dance and music with acts from the Avant Garde Dance Company (Hip Hop/Contemporary), Latin and Ballroom from Step Change Studios and Old Kent Road (Tap Dance).  There were too many artists to mention, but Patricia Rozario OBE (A Mumbai-born British soprano, who is currently a professor at the Royal College of Music) was perhaps a highlight for me.  This picture from the finale of the Gala shows many of the different artists and styles.























The second half comprised renditions from Junun – an album from acclaimed Israeli composer/musician Shye Ben Tzur, guitarist Jimmy Greenwood from Radiohead and the Rajastan Express, a group of Indian musicians – all of whom were performing in person on this occasion.   Wonderful to enjoy this performance with a predominantly Indian audience, who were enthusiastically joining in at the end and were reluctant to allow the performers to  leave the stage.









My final image shows the Director Sanjoy K Roy, who came on stage at the end of the evening to thank the artists.


For "Indiaphiles" such as myself,  this was a very special treat and a fabulous opportunity to enjoy a skilled and enjoyable blending of cultures.  

Judy Hicks LRPS

"Celebrating London's Cultural Richness and Diversity"