Who's Who 2014

Tony Worobiec FRPS  returns again to his native Region to talk about his latest book “The Art of Composition” Born in the south of this region Tony studied Fine Art at Newcastle University. After spending 18 years as head of a design faculty in Dorset he  became a full time photographer and has published eleven books covering a wide range of photographic subjects.. He is a founder members of Arena. He is also a member of the London Salon and has served for many years on the Visual Arts panel for the Royal. He has exhibited widely and has work in several permanent collections.

John Chamberlin FRPS  is an outstanding and prolific photographer who has been engrossed in photography for nearly 35 years. He has served on three panels for the Royal Travel , Nature and he has chaired the Visual Art. Currently he is a member of the Distinctions Advisory Board and Chairman of the newly formed Multimedia panel. In 2008 he was awarded a Fenton Medal and Honorary Membership of RPS for services to the Society. John is a member of the London Salon and Arena. He has exhibited work all over world in monochrome and colour. He now uses digital capture and describes his work as that of a “photographer” rather than a digital artist.

Ian Lyons ARPS  has been involved in Northern Ireland club photography since the late 1970’s. His main interest is landscape, nature and travel photography. Ian is an adventurous traveller to wild and distant places where many of us would hesitate to venture, but where he can find all the material to satisfy

his photographic interests. Ian has worked with DI since 1995 and has been involved in the pre release testing of software applications such as Adobe Photoshop since 2002 and Lightroom since 2005.

Ian has represented Northern Ireland on the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Executive Committee for many years.

Vince Rooker has been a practising photographer for more than 60 years, and has used all camera formats from a 5”X4” Field Camera to the current DSLR Nikon.  Pictures have been made as 35mm colour slides, Monochrome and Colour prints in the darkroom, and in the computer.  Currently, he is also making Audio Visual sequences.  He has belonged to the United Postal Postfolios for 30 years, where he contributes to 3 Folios, and to one folio in the 35PC Portfolios for Large Prints, A4 prints, PDI images and AV sequences.  Vince is the Life President of Morpeth Camera Club.

He was awarded LRPS in 1979, ARPS in 1981 with Monochrome Architectural Prints

DPAGB in 1995, AFIAP in 2001 and EFIAP in 2004.  Continuing to exhibit in International Salons he has had several prints accepted for exhibition by The London Salon.

As a PAGB Approved Judge he has acted as a selector at various PAGB events and International Salons

Rikki O’Neill FRPS is a digital artist, illustrator and photographer with many years of experience. His work can be seen in many children’s books and in art galleries around the country. It is thought provoking and imaginative. Rikki  has served on the L panel and the Visual Art for many years and is presently Chairman of the Visual Art panel

Leo Palmer FRPS is our home grown expert who comes from Hexham in the Region. and is always ready to help and advise anyone on their pictures. Leo is the Senior Chairman of the L panel and after several years on the Travel Panel is now Chairman

Leigh Preston FRPS has been taking and making pictures for well over thirty years. His work has been mainly thematic and he relies heavily on atmospherics, dramatic lighting and strong storylines to convey an individual style. Much of his landscape work is taken in isolated out of the way places or of buildings that are well past their “sell-by” date. A lot of Leigh’s work is monochrome and for some of this he still uses the darkroom as well as digital process depending on the “feel” he wants from the finished print.

Leigh holds two RPS Fellowships one in Visual Art and the other in darkroom printing. He is a member of Arena and the London Salon. He has published a book depicting Britain’s Urban Landscape and has held one-man exhibitions in many cities. Now semi-professional his work revolves around teaching at college or on workshops and seminars in UK, USA and Europe.

Tom Dodd FRPS took a serious interest in photography and discovered the darkroom and monochrome processing in the 1960’s. His other great passion in life was mountaineering and he soon became known for his pictures of the Welsh mountains, where he lives, and the Alps, Nepal and the Arctic. He gained his RPS Fellowship in 1979 and the Irish Fellowship more recently. Tom was a member of the L panel for many years and later Chairman. He has also served on the Visual Art panel and has been Chair of the Travel panel. Some 20 years ago he was elected to the London Salon and was chair 2008-2010. The RPS has awarded him a Fenton Medal for services to photography. Over the years he has not restricted his interest to mountains and monochrome and has embraced colour, many other subjects and latterly Digital.

Ann Miles FRPS has been an active photographer for the past 30 years. She spent her working life in scientific publishing which enabled her to keep abreast of the changes from traditional to digital photography. Ann is currently secretary of the London Salon which keeps her in touch with world wide photography. She gained her Associateship in Nature and her Fellowship in Visual Arts and is currently deputy chair of the Visual Arts panel. Ann enjoys many aspects of photography and is a sort after lecturer and judge.

Paula Davies FRPS & Guy Davies ARPS  Paula and Guy are members of Stokesley P.S. where until recently Paula was Programme Secretary along with developing the club website and helping to run an improvers Group. Guy is a past Chairman of the club. They are Permajet supported speakers and invited members of Gamma Photoforum. Paula is also an active member of the UPP

Paula describes herself as a “butterfly photographer” because she flits from subject to subject taking a photograph of anything that attracts her attention. She enjoys landscape work but gets particular satisfaction from seeking out abstract images in man-made and natural objects that look like landscape. Her FRPS panel was an example of this.

Guy’s favourite subject is landscape, particularly when blessed with wonderful light. Previously a darkroom worker, Guy likes to apply his darkroom techniques to bringing out the best in an image by adjusting contrast. He enjoys monochrome especially with a dramatic atmosphere but occasionally tries the delicate/high key technique.

Their talk will be a selection of favourite images made since entering the digital world.