New Exhibition, Immersion, Frances Anderson, at The Custom House, South Shields

19 May 2014

Region: Northern

Immersion, is an innovative new body of print and photography-based work by  the Northumberland-based artist, and Channel swimmer, Frances Anderson.

To be immersed is to be covered completely by liquid and to be wholly and deeply engaged; daily, Anderson is both, by the sea. She finds herself beguiled and enchanted by the complex rhythms of the water and waves, and is drawn towards the strange reflections of the seabed mirrored on the underside of the sea’s surface. Through experimental use of cameras more common for scientific or holiday pursuits, Anderson intimately engages with the breaking waves, the otherwise invisible textures of water and its efraction of light - harsh, delicate and abstract - and seeks to capture the deeply affectual experience of daily engagement with the sea through hotographing details that can only be known through habituation.

This relationship is perhaps an echo of our ancestry - forming a profound sense of belonging and yet also a deep sense of privacy and aloneness - which Anderson seeks to convey through developing both representational and abstracted work. She is not simply recording water but rather seeking to immerse the viewer in her experience and her media.

This body of experimental work explores the shifting moods of water and the deep awareness of pattern and texture, colours and waterline traces, that are revealed by dwelling consciously within its habitat.

Immersion is showing @ Port of Tyne Gallery Customs House, South Shields
28th May - 15th June 2014

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