Wildlife of India Exhibition by Param Sandhu

12 August 2016

Region: Northern

Dr Param Sandhu is a nature photographer with a special interest in photographing tigers in the wild. 
Param is concerned about the plight of the wild tiger and communicates this to the world by showcasing his tiger photographs to international audiences. Through dedication and much time spent in the jungles in India, Param has developed  a formidable understanding of the behaviour of wild tigers. He is specially observant of the young; tigresses, their cubs and their interactions form an important part of Param’s photographic portfolio. 
A hundred years ago there were over a 100,00 tigers in the wild in India. It is now estimated that there are only just over 3 000 wild tigers in the world; 70% of these, around 2 000, live in the jungles of India. The dwindling numbers are entirely due to man and his actions; either related to his (man’s) own development and habitat destruction or criminality and the lucrative trade in tiger parts.
Param is a committed wildlife photographer and a speaker with a deep passion about the threat to this species.

He will be giving a talk on this and his images will be on view at the Joe Cornish Gallery from 27th August to 24th September.