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Martin Gandy LRPS  

Surrey Area Representative

E:               T: 01372 723149

I came back to photography after a long gap because of a growing interest in natural history and nature conservation work. Initially, I wanted to record the subjects I was interested in; insects, wildflowers, mammals, birds and fungi.  I took my photography to another level since joining the RPS Nature Group and attending a number of workshops led by John  Bebbington. I have developed a particular interest in macro photography and more recently I have taken on the challenge of photographing birds in flight since acquiring a 500 mm lens.


Paul Connor LRPS

Sussex Area Representative


I’ve had a lifelong interest in photography.  My first camera was a Kodak ‘Brownie’ 127, but I progressed to a 35 mm rangefinder by my teens and my first SLR – a Canon FTBn, by my early twenties.  Work and other interests eventually took over until 2008, when as a bird watcher with poor identification skills, I acquired a DSLR, which rekindled my passion for photography. On the recommendation of a friend, I attended the SE Region’s - Celebrate Distinction’s day early in 2013.  I was so impressed with the panels presented, that I joined a camera club four days later to work towards my LRPS, which I achieved in 2014. I currently belong to the Visual Art group and particularly enjoy natural history, landscape and architectural photography.


Colin Smith LRPS

Kent Area Representative

I was given a camera when I was 10 and became the photographer at family events. I joined the camera club at school where I learned how to process my own work in the darkroom. Since joining my local camera club five years ago I rapidly learned however that the kind of pictures I had been taking all my life especially on holidays were simply snaps. I feel like I have been learning all over again how to see through the camera and take photographs rather than simply a record of an event.


Bruce Broughton

Committee Member

E:     T: 01825 508977

I am of the opinion that some people have a natural ability in Photography and others less so. After four years of study and regular practice I classified myself in the latter category finding myself with my decent DSLR systematically thrashed by my granddaughter with her iphone! In order to rectify this I started studying some of the experts, Adams, Karsh, Bernhard etc, I then decided to broaden my study to include the old masters of paintings such as Caravaggio, Botticelli, and Vermeer. I found it truly fascinating observing how the constructed their works with framing, rule of thirds and the use of light and shade creating the chiaroscuro effect just as we do today. I have found myself motivated to try and recreate some of these works photographically with the help of some very patient models. I am also working towards a distinctions panel, hopefully this year.


Gordon Roots

Committee Member


Details to follow


Chelin Miller LRPS

Regional Webmaster


My interest in photography became clearer in 2008 with my first DSLR. Because of family circumstances, I have lived in several countries; this makes me appreciate the impermanence of places and people in a particular way and recording how my family grows is most rewarding. I enjoy all aspects of the craft, particularly Travel, Heritage and Documentary Photography, which help me understand the cultural, human, and geographic aspects of a place; to become a better observer, more aware of the detail and the general picture.