Committee Members

Terry McGhie ARPS

Regional Organiser            

            E:              T: 01323 492584

Although I have been interested in photography since my youth, it was re-kindled when I attended a business meeting in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, in 2001. I was so captivated by the opportunity to photograph wildlife in its natural surroundings that I have visited southern Africa every year since. Wildlife photography is now my passion and I seek to capture the spirit, character and behaviour of animals in their natural habitat.


David Powell  

Past Regional Organiser

E:              T: 07721 312533

I have been taking photographs since I was 8 years old. I am one of those that welcomed the digital age, because I love the freedom and flexibility it offered. I am at my happiest taking photographs and will turn my hand to most aspects of the craft. In many ways, I have yet to find that one genre that defines me. In many ways, that might be considered a hindrance, but it allows me to get out there and just have fun. Whenever and wherever possible, I will be travelling, looking for the wild wide open spaces. Currently, I will be found chasing weather on the plains of the USA, but there is always something else just over the horizon.


Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS                                

Regional Treasurer


I spent quite a bit of my spare time in our bathroom or the more sophisticated school dark room as a teenager but work and life took over and my camera was then left in a cupboard.  I picked up the bug again in 2005, joined a local camera club, passed my LRPS in 2007, my ARPS in November 2013, became an SPA judge in 2009 and was appointed to the RPS Licentiateship panel in 2016. I particularly enjoy street photography and bold, urban, gritty subjects. 


George Backshall LRPS  

Regional Secretary

E:               T: 01444 459956

I am a native of mid-Sussex where I still live, sadly now a widower. Following my education in Sussex, I followed a career in Telecoms Engineering & IT Management before redundancies and retirement intervened. As a lifelong passionate photographer, I have eclectic interests including, travel, nature and heritage photography. I have also been very active in rock climbing and Alpine mountaineering, 0.22 target rifle shooting, sailing and Scouts' leadership.


Martin Gandy LRPS  

Newsletter Editor, Surrey Area Representative

E:               T: 01372 723149

I came back to photography after a long gap because of a growing interest in natural history and nature conservation work. Initially, I wanted to record the subjects I was interested in; insects, wildflowers, mammals, birds and fungi.  I took my photography to another level since joining the RPS Nature Group and attending a number of workshops led by John  Bebbington. I have developed a particular interest in macro photography and more recently I have taken on the challenge of photographing birds in flight since acquiring a 500 mm lens.


Garry Bisshopp ARPS  

Sussex Area Representative

E:               T: 01323 891146

I have been interested in photography for several years and my current interests include landscape, architectural and historic subjects. I am a member of the Archaeology & Heritage and the Visual Art groups of the RPS.


Chelin Miller LRPS

Regional Webmaster


My interest in photography became clearer in 2008 with my first DSLR. Because of family circumstances, I have lived in several countries; this makes me appreciate the impermanence of places and people in a particular way and recording how my family grows is most rewarding. I enjoy all aspects of the craft, particularly Travel, Heritage and Documentary Photography, which help me understand the cultural, human, and geographic aspects of a place; to become a better observer, more aware of the detail and the general picture.


Vanessa Parker ARPS   

Committee Member


I was born in North London but have lived in Sussex since the early 1980s. In 2007 I took an A level course in photography and was awarded an 'A' grade, which led to the Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society. In 2011 I was awarded the CPAGB (Credit of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain); and in 2013 I achieved the Associateship distinction of the Royal Photographic Society. Landscapes are my first love - the unspoilt environment, timeless and precious. I treasure every second in a beautiful location, trying to hold it spiritually as well as photographically. I hope my images invoke those feelings in others.


Bruce Broughton

Committee Member

E:     T: 01825 508977

I am of the opinion that some people have a natural ability in Photography and others less so. After four years of study and regular practice I classified myself in the latter category finding myself with my decent DSLR systematically thrashed by my granddaughter with her iphone! In order to rectify this I started studying some of the experts, Adams, Karsh, Bernhard etc, I then decided to broaden my study to include the old masters of paintings such as Caravaggio, Botticelli, and Vermeer. I found it truly fascinating observing how the constructed their works with framing, rule of thirds and the use of light and shade creating the chiaroscuro effect just as we do today. I have found myself motivated to try and recreate some of these works photographically with the help of some very patient models. I am also working towards a distinctions panel, hopefully this year.


Paul Connor LRPS

Committee Member


I’ve had a lifelong interest in photography.  My first camera was a Kodak ‘Brownie’ 127, but I progressed to a 35 mm rangefinder by my teens and my first SLR – a Canon FTBn, by my early twenties.  Work and other interests eventually took over until 2008, when as a bird watcher with poor identification skills, I acquired a DSLR, which rekindled my passion for photography. On the recommendation of a friend, I attended the SE Region’s - Celebrate Distinction’s day early in 2013.  I was so impressed with the panels presented, that I joined a camera club four days later to work towards my LRPS, which I achieved in 2014. I currently belong to the Visual Art group and particularly enjoy natural history, landscape and architectural photography.


Colin Smith LRPS

Committee Member

I was given a camera when I was 10 and became the photographer at family events. I joined the camera club at school where I learned how to process my own work in the darkroom. Since joining my local camera club five years ago I rapidly learned however that the kind of pictures I had been taking all my life especially on holidays were simply snaps. I feel like I have been learning all over again how to see through the camera and take photographs rather than simply a record of an event.


Janice Payne ARPS

Committee Member

I have had a keen interest in photography from the age of about eight when my father gave me his old Box Brownie camera to take on a family holiday to Italy. Progressing through Dad’s other old ‘film’ cameras until at the age of 16 when my parents gave me a Voigtländer Vito B 35mm SLR, which stood me in good stead for a good 30 years or more.
I was a rather late starter to the digital world in 2007 with a renewed interest in flower and garden photography; I purchased a Fujifilm compact camera and shortly after progressed to a Sony A200 DSLR camera trying a wider variety of genres including a love of the landscape.

Today I use my Sony A700 DSLR with an array of lenses and filters but at the end of 2015 I also purchased the much lighter weight Fujifilm CSC mirror less XT1 camera with some of the XF lenses.
I joined the RPS in 2010, obtaining my LRPS in July the same year.

In March 2015 I submitted a panel of prints to be assessed for an ARPS distinction which I was extremely proud to obtain.
I have been a member of the RPS Thames Valley DIG since 2012, recently joining their committee in 2016.


Alan Bousfield ARPS

Committee Member

Alan has been interested in wildlife imagery from an early age, and was envious of people like David Attenborough and his BBC Wildlife cameramen. He would have loved a career in photography, but alas his parents convinced him engineering was a better option.
In 2004 with a chance of very early retirement, it was time for a career change, and what better than photography!! On his doorstep was Blackpool College, renowned worldwide for it Photography Degree Course. On making further enquiries, he discovered they had started to run a degree course in Wildlife Photography. Having obtained an unconditional place on the course, he decided early retirement wasn’t on the cards for him. Over the next 5 years Alan juggled academia and work, eventually obtaining an Honours Degree in Wildlife Photography from Lancaster University in July 2009.
Having previously been a student member of the RPS, in 2013 he decided to apply for ARPS Exemption status, allowing him to work for a Fellowship, which he failed at his first attempt. But, not to be deterred, he is currently working on two different panels, hopefully to be ready for assessment in early 2017.
Alan is currently on the judges list for the KCPA and SxPF (PAGB Federations), with a specific interest in Nature/Natural History Competitions.’