Panoramic and 360˚ Virtual Reality Workshop

26 June 2019

Region: South East

The SE Region held its much awaited Panoramic and 360˚ Virtual Reality Workshop on Saturday 22 June 2019 at the West Blatchington Windmill in Hove, East Sussex.

Workshop tutor for the day was S.E. Region committee member John Fox, who has over 50 years of multi-award winning professional photographic experience under his belt.

John's passion for Panoramic and VR imaging really shone through as he guided the assembled delegates through two slide show demonstrations during the morning. This included tutorials on how to shoot a 360˚ x 180˚ panorama and the various processing stages needed to turn it into a VR movie (similar to Google Streetview, but much higher quality) or a little planet image with full control over the perspective.

Delegates were introduced to a workflow using Lightroom, PTgui, Affinity Photo and Pano2VR programs which proved to be an eye opener for all attendees. Once sandwiches and sticky buns had been demolished at lunchtime, delegates were given a hands-on demonstration of shooting a 360˚ x 180˚ panorama in the windmill, followed by shooting a 360˚ x 180˚ VR panoramic from atop a 17ft high pole outside the windmill. (see picture)

If it was possible to be ‘off the wall’ and ‘down to earth’ at the same time, John managed it at this workshop, opening everyone’s eyes to a new, largely unexplored photographic genre. Delegates widely praised John Fox on his knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject and for the choosing West Blatchindon Windmill as the venue for the workshop.

John Fox can be contacted by email at or via his website at