THE South West Region Exhibition

06 July 2015

Region: South West



The header images shows Committee members considering images for selection

The Regional Committee had a difficult task in selecting just 50 images from an entry of approximately 140 images entered. Please find below, in alphabetical order, the authors and titles of the selected prints.

As digital files are received, a copy of each will be posted here in order that the images can be viewed.

At the moment the date of the exhibition hanging is not confirmed due to the illness  of the person responsible for exhibitions at the hospital. We will advise this date when it is confirmed, but it is expected to be around the middle of August.

  • Derek Baker ARPS                                     Mid Winter at Avebury                                                         
  • Jenny Baker LRPS                                      Running Horses
  • Jenny Baker LRPS                                      Morning Light
  • Sandra Barrett ARPS                                 Yangon Fish Market
  • Sandra Barrett ARPS                                 Paulang Tribe - Myanmar
  • Mac  Bouchere FRPS                                Drama at Gutter Tor
  • Mac Bouchere  FRPS                                Hard and soft 
  • Susan Brown FRPS                                   Round the bend in the fog                                                   
  • Ginny Campbell LRPS                              At the beach
  • Ginny Campbell LRPS                              Stones at dawn
  • John Evans-Jones ARPS                           Waiting
  • Diana Fifield ARPS                                     Love in the mist
  • Hans-Joachim Gebauer LRPS                   Harvest Mouse
  • Sheila Haycox ARPS,EFIAP,DPAGB          Pelican reflection
  • Margaret Hocking ARPS                            Antarctic Trek
  • Margaret Hocking ARPS                            Black backed jackal cub
  • Ken Holland ARPS, DPAGB                      I love me
  • Ken Holland ARPS, DPAGB                      On the phone
  • Derek Holliday ARPS                                 Carmargue Gardien
  • Adrian Hough LRPS                                   Watching the musicians
  • Ian Hosker LRPS                                        Tulips
  • Martin Howse ARPS                                   Looking left
  • Martin Howse ARPS                                   River Derwentwater 
  • Vivien Howse ARPS                                   Woodland study 3
  • Vivien Howse ARPS                                   Galatea after the viaduct
  • Douglas Lander ARPS                               Rough Tor
  • Mike Longhurst ARPS                                Stairway at Tate Britain
  • John Lynn ARPS, CPAGB                          Bramble
  • Maggie Martin ARPS                                  Vintage Driver two
  • Joy Medley LRPS                                       Silhouettes
  • Mick Medley LRPS                                     Scots Guardsman
  • Mick Medley LRPS                                     Railway porter
  • Robin Mellor ARPS                                    Across the field
  • Chris Perfect ARPS                                   Lyme promenade & beach
  • Pam Perry                                                  Hydrangea in bloom
  • Steven Pinniger LRPS                               Pirates of the rum & raisin
  • Anthony Rowe LRPS                                 The Dispatch Rider
  • Sue Searle LRPS                                       Leaf patterns
  • Muriel Somerfield ARPS                            Millenium Bridge&St Pauls
  • Anna Stevenson ARPS                             All about the boot
  • Anna Stevenson ARPS                             Hound Tor
  • Derek Stratton LRPS                                 Spring on the beach
  • W.Robert Styring ARPS                            Poppies & Olives
  • W.Robert Styring ARPS                            Solo flight
  • Linda Wevill FRPS                                    Walking on the beach
  • Linda Wevill FRPS                                    Luskentyre Beach, Harris
  • John Widdows FRPS                                Red onion abstraction
  • John Widdows FRPS                                Nautilus
  • Michael Woodhead ARPS                        Athelhampton
  • Michael Woodhead ARPS                        Ovine curiosity

Harvest Mouse, Hans Joachim Gebauer LRPS

Antarctic Trek, Margaret Hocking ARPS

Black backed Jackal cub, Margaret Hocking ARPS

Silhouettes, Joy Medley LRPS

Railway Porter, Mick Medley LRPS


Scots Guardsman, Mick Medley LRPS

The dispatch rider, Anthony Rowe LRPS

Round the bend in the fog, Susan Brown FRPS

Red Onion Abstraction Triptych, John Widdows FRPS

Nautilus, John Widdows FRPS

Leaf patterns, Sue Searle LRPS

Lyme Promenade and beach, Chris Perfect ARPS

Watching in Prague, Dr.Adrian Hough MRSC, LRPS

On the phone, Ken Holland ARPS, DPAGB

I love me, Ken Holland ARPS, DPAGB

Love in the mist, Diane Fifield ARPS

Rough Tor, Douglas Lander ARPS

Pelican reflection, Sheila Haycox ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB

All about the boot, Anna Stevenson ARPS

Hound Tor, Anna Stevenson ARPS

Spring at the beach, Derek Stratton LRPS

Stones at dawn, Ginny Campbell LRPS

At the beach, Ginny Campbell LRPS

Galatea after the viaduct, Vivien Howse ARPS

Woodland study 3, Vivien Howse ARPS

Midwinter at Avebury, Derek Baker ARPS

Morning light, Jenny Baker LRPS

Running horses, Jenny Baker LRPS

Paulang Tribe, Myanmar, Sandra Barrett ARPS

Yangon fish market, Sandra Barrett ARPS

Across the field, Robin Mellor ARPS

Bramble, John Lynn ARPS CPAGB

Looking left, Martin Howse ARPS

River Derwent in Borrowdale, Autumn, Martin Howse ARPS

Tulips, Ian Hosker LRPS

Vintage drivers, Maggie Martin ARPS

Waiting, John Evans-Jones ARPS

Millenium Bridge & St Pauls, Muriel Somerfield ARPS

Athelhampton, Michael Woodhead ARPS

Ovine curiosity, Michael Woodhead ARPS

Pirates of the rum & raisin, Steven Pinniger LRPS

Stairway at the Tate Britain, Mike Longhurst ARPS

Carmargue Gardien, Derrick Holliday ARPS

Hydrangea in bloom, Pam Perry

Solo flight, Bob Styring ARPS FCA

Poppies & Olives, Bob Styring ARPS, FCA

Walking on the beach, Linda Wevill FRPS

Luskentyre Beach, Harris, Linda Wevill FRPS

Drama at Gutter Tor, Mac Bouchere FRPS

Hard & soft, Mac Bouchere FRPS

Comments (1)

Michael Woodhead
10 November 2015

An enjoyable exhibition as always, with the Railway Porter a standout in form as well as quality. I saw several people pausing to look appreciatively on the day I was there. Many thanks to the Committee for all the hard work in getting this together.

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