About Us

The large Southern Region area has nearly 800 Members and covers the counties of Hampshire and Dorset, with parts of West Sussex, Berkshire and Wiltshire. The Committee are co-operating with the Special Interest Groups to provide a programme of events across the Region which will cover some topics not normally available through the activities of the local photography clubs.

In November 2013, Mike  Jones ARPS who had been the Regional Organizer (RO) for just over 10 years decided to resign his position as RO to allow him to explore and further expand his photographic boundaries and personal aspirations.  In December I was asked by the Council to act as RO pro tem as a volunteering committee member until our next AGM on the 21 November 2014.

The Southern Region has 2 or more active Special Interest Groups within or bordering the region and  so working together gives us the opportunity to maximize the service we can offer you our members. As your new RO I am working closely with Council Members to hit the ground running from the excellent suggestions discussed at our last AGM and others from the Council.  Although 2014 will be a learning curve I believe together we can deliver an exciting year of events and in to the future.  It is my intension with co-ordinated agreement of the specialist groups to offer the Southern Region members an event to be available 3 weeks out of 4 during our normal year of events Sept-May each year.


To achieve these simple targets cannot be accomplished alone and I have an enthusiastic core Committee comprising myself as RO/Webmaster/Booking Secretary, a Regional Treasurer and 2 others helping finding speakers, organizing /helping/tutoring at events.  However what would be really useful are a couple of part time committee members within different parts of the region to help with events in their area or organise the adhoc day/evening meetings.  We are particularly short in the Bournemouth/New Forest area and East of Southampton.

Their details may be found under Committee Members.