Committee Members

Peter Hartland LRPS

Regional Organiser

E:           T: 01264 738259/07887958306

Although I have been interested in photography since my youth, it was re-kindled when it combined with one of my other hobbies computers and the digital age was born. 

An early up taker of digital cameras it was when the DSLR D30 (November 2001) was launched that I moved totally to digital. I enjoy all forms of photography with my main passion being landscapes and recently with the birth of the smaller mirrorless compact simi-pro cameras re-found the enjoyment of street photography which I enjoyed years ago with my Pentax ME-Super back in the early 1980’s.

Stll Inspired since the age of 14 by the great Ansel Adams and prefer the art of printing an image to digital projection.

Ansel Adams Quote 

"The negative is the score and the print is the performance.”

I have been a member of the Southern Region Committee since 2008.


Simon Wardle ARPS

Regional Treasurer

I was given my first camera in 1971, a Polaroid Instant Camera. I wasn’t totally overjoyed at the time as I’d asked for football boots for my birthday present! I “progressed” to a Zorki a few years later. This put me off rangefinder cameras for life. I was lucky enough to be able to study Photography in General Studies in the 6th form and looking back, this was a significant part of my development as a photographer as we were taught by an arts teacher rather than just a keen photographer. I continued to dabble in photography whilst at University and when I started work.

The biggest step change in my photography was in 2002 when a reorganisation at work saw me transferred to Solihull and I joined Solihull Photographic Society. Joining a club with such high standards really got me to think about my photography and to raise my standards. I have since specialised in sports and nature photography, with my Associateship panel being in Nature. Another work move saw me join Newbury Camera Club for a few years.


My current photography is mostly sports photography, especially American Football and Motor Sports.


The photographers who have inspired me are Andy Rouse, Galen Rowell, Lord Lichfield, Ansell Adams, W Eugene Smith, Patrick Eagar, O Winston Link, Nigel Snowdon, Jeff Bloxham, John Stott and Austin Powers.



Mick Venner LRPS

I was 12 when my father gave me his Pentax SP500 and spent my younger years using film and filling up slide boxes. In 2005 brought my first DSLR, a Nikon D50 and immediately hooked on the digital format, but didn't own or know how to use a computer until 2007!!!

As soon as I did I was  amazed with how putting applying your an artistic flare together with your photography, that you could get your own style and feel out there.


Although I  enjoy all genres of photographing but my heart lies with people and the retro seen.


Grahm Harrison ARPS

I am a professional photographer and news cameraman, working predominantly in the military environment.  My passion is documentary photography and storytelling through all forms of imaging.

I am inspired by the works of the great Time, Life and Magnum photographers and would love to be able to take images like Trent Parke.Peter Hartland LRPS