Headline pictures wanted

Come on you folk out there. Send me some pictures and I'll get them together and forward them to the RPS.

Images to be featured on RPS website pages need to be 1085 wide x 605 high - approximately 16:9 HDTV ratio. Of the 605 height, 130 are obscured at the top; 380 are visible in the middle and 95 are obscured at the bottom so choose images that will look good presented that way. That’s a letterboxy 3:1 for the visible part of the image. If you don't fancy resizing and cropping them, I'll sort it for you and check you’re happy with the crop.

Files need to be named like this: A Summer Day by John Smith ARPS (actually as the jpeg title).

Even the most brilliant images begin to pall after a while so please have a look through your best images and send them to Mary Crowther.