Yorkshire Region Committee


Mark Slater

Regional Organiser 



Geoff Blackwell ARPS

Regional Treasurer 



Mary Crowther

Mary Crowther ARPS

Regional Committee Member 

Enthusiastic, definitely likes to keep things on the move, working as a representative with various groups within the Society as well as external bodies, making good connections in the region.

A member of the RPS since 1995, and still learning.

Both a Regional Standing Committee and Representative Committee member: A voice for members.

Mary can be contacted on e-mail at: yorkshire2@rps.org and by phone on:

07921 237962 (M)


Bob Helliwell

Robert Helliwell ARPS

Regional Committee Member

Currently a member of the Selby club many people ask me if I am a good photographer. I answer the same every time - and mean it - I can not describe myself as a good photographer, but I do try hard and photography is making my retirement enormously enjoyable and satisfying. 

Robert can be found on: bobhelliwell@clara.co.uk

Telephone: 01904 500231


Brian Crossland

Brian Crossland  LRPS

Regional Newsletter Editor

Brian has taken on the newsletter which provides all our members with up to date local information. The newsletter is also published electronically on issuu.

Contact Brian with any up and coming exhibitions, or events or anything of general interest that might be published for the members.

Contact Brian on e-mail: RPS.Yorkshire.News@gmail.com
07540 824112 (M)

David B Hall

Regional Secretary and Web Editor
As Regional Secretary David arranges the regional committee meetings and minutes, supporting many other regional events whenever possible. should you have any questions regarding the Regional Committee and its responsibility to our members you can contact David in the first instance.
David is also our Web Editor, any events, blogs or information that can be promoted through this media should be sent directly to him.
Contact David on e-mail: david.rps@studioofcrayons.com 
07736 243366 (M)


Leigh Foster LRPS

Regional Committee Member 



Chris Hodgson ARPS

Regional Committee Member 





At The Tetley, Hunslet Road,Leeds LS10 1JQT

Meeting dates and times:

Regional AGM Saturday 6th April 2019: 10.30 am  

Monday 24th June 2019: 11.30 am

Monday 30th September 2019: 11.30 am