About Us

The Holography Group was founded in 1983 to foster interest in the subject of holography in all its forms - artistic, commercial, industrial and scientific.

In 2012 the group changed its name to the 3D Imaging & Holography Group to reflect the wider interest in 3D imaging that has developed over the last three decades.

Membership is world-wide and is drawn from both practising holographers and those who are simply interested in the subject, as well as anyone interested in 3D imaging using any other imaging system.

The group holds occasional meetings and conferences in London and publishes a newsletter.

Members of the Society can apply for distinctions in the appropriate subject category at the Associateship and Fellowship levels.

Holography Group members can also participate in The Royal Photographic Society Monthly Competition (including submitting side by side images) for more information please click here.

The Group has about 40 members, and a committee consisting of:

Prof Hans Bjelkhagen, Chairman, whose whole professional life has been devoted to developing Holography, working with groups in many parts of the world.   He recently co-authored a landmark book called “Ultra-realistic imaging”.  If you look into anything involving large format colour holographic displays you will come across his name.

Jonathan Ross, Treasurer, who runs his own art gallery in London, including many holograms, and is involved in holography exhibitions world wide.

Peter Freeman, Secretary who has a background in teaching, especially in engineering, and is active in 3D imaging.

Prof Martin Richardson, Head of the Department of Modern Holography at De Montfort University, Leicester.

Alan Cooper, Physicist (Harwell; CERN, Geneva, Argonne and the Open University) and ex-chairman of the Stereoscopic Society.

Jeff Blyth whose many interests cluster round the use of holography.

Dr. Kaveh Bazargan, Physicist and director of River Valley Technologies.

More details about our committee members can be found here.

If you would like to join the group view our membership and "how to" page.