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The Art of Scientific Imaging

Saturday saw the culmination of almost a year's planning when The Art of Scientific Imaging was released on a unsuspecting world.

Added by Region: East Anglia on 18 Mar 2014

Artists in 3D

Using silver screen 3D projection, David G Burder FRPS, a Past President of The Stereoscopic Society, will present a history of stereoscopic photography from Queen Victoria to the present day.

Added by SIG: 3D Imaging and Holography on 28 Feb 2014

3D and Holograms

An overview of how stereo 3D and holograms are made and displayed by Dr Alan Cooper LRPS. A 3D (stereo) camera records two views as they would be seen by our two eyes. The differences between the two are clearly noticeable for objects up to a few metres away, but diminish with distance; the same...

Added by SIG: 3D Imaging and Holography on 10 Sep 2013