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Picture copyright Ian Wilson ARPS

The Art of Scientific Imaging

Saturday saw the culmination of almost a year's planning when The Art of Scientific Imaging was released on a unsuspecting world.

Added by Region: East Anglia on 18 Mar 2014

Artists in 3D

Using silver screen 3D projection, David G Burder FRPS, a Past President of The Stereoscopic Society, will present a history of stereoscopic photography from Queen Victoria to the present day.

Added by SIG: 3D Imaging and Holography on 28 Feb 2014
3D Imaging and Holography Group

3D and Holograms

An overview of how stereo 3D and holograms are made and displayed by Dr Alan Cooper LRPS. A 3D (stereo) camera records two views as they would be seen by our two eyes. The differences between the two are clearly noticeable for objects up to a few metres away, but diminish with distance; the same...

Added by SIG: 3D Imaging and Holography on 10 Sep 2013