About Us

The Audio Visual Group is one of the larger groups, catering for the interests of photographers who enjoy and make Audio Visual sequences. Almost exclusively digital these days, AV sequences combine projected photographs and possibly video with a sound track. With a membership fee of £15, the group supports AV group members in several ways:


The major event this year is the International AV Festival in September.



We produce a quarterly magazine 'AV News' which combines news of recent and upcoming AV events with some technical articles to support new workers, or to illustrate features of hardware or software.

Issue 202 can be viewed here

An early issue of AV News can be viewed here: Issue 38 Sept/Oct 1982



We organise the RPS National and International AV Festivals. These are both a competition and a showcase of the best AVs from the UK and from around the world.



The group supports members who wish to gain distinctions in 'Multimedia'.




Some regional groups also hold workshop days or meetings where there is an opportunity to hear notable speakers and often the chance to show some of your own work for friendly, but critical comments.




We have extensive contacts with AV workers  and organisations overseas which group members can 'tap into'. A number of members have had notable successes in AV festivals abroad.




The AV group is managed by a committee of six members. All members of the group have the opportunity to express their views, at any time to members of the committee, but particularly at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in September.

The 2016 International AV Festival Results are on the 2016 Festival Results page.

The 2015 RPS National AV Championship results are available. All the results and photographs of the event are available on the Archive Page. 


Examples of AV Work

It is our intention to post links here to examples of Audio Visual.