The group fully supports the 'Multimedia' distinctions panel and encourages and supports members to submit applications for distinctions.



Audio Visual sequences are assessed by the Multimedia panel (formerly the 'Multimedia and Narative' panel), which has a new Chairman, Peter Hayes FRPS.

Members of the panel are:

Chairperson  Peter Hayes FRPS
Deputy           Keith Brown FRPS
                        Graham Sergeant FRPS
                        Richard Brown FRPS
                        Olivio Argenti FRPS



If you are interested applying for a distinction in Multimedia there are some things that you might consider:

  • Have a look at the Distinctions advice on this website
  • Have a look at the appropriate Handbook which gives guidance on what you need to submit and an idea of the different levels, LRPS, ARPS and FRPS (Note that new guidance is in preparation and when this available, it will be flagged up here).
  • Dowload the Multimedia Application form, click here.
  • Attend a Multimedia Advisory Day. The next event is to be held at Fenton House, Bath, on Tuesday, 1st July 2014. Go to the events page to book. You will be able to show your possible sequences and/or to see what other candidates are producing. This is the best way to get face to face advice about your work.
  • If you are not able to get to an Advisory Day, then you can send example of your sequences to Andy Moore (Distinctions Manager) who will invite a member of the panel to view and comment on your work.
  • Attend a Distinctions Assessment day and see the process as well as the outcomes. The next Distinction Assessment day is on Saturday 1st November 2014 at Fenton House, Bath.