Hundred Heroines - Juno Calypso

24 August 2018

SIG: Contemporary

Juno Calypso is based in London. She graduated from the London College of Communication in 2012. Her personal project ‘The Honeymoon’ was a series of self-portraits taken in when she arranged to stay at honeymoon hotels in the USA, saying she was a travel writer. Juno posed in honeymoon suites, with wigs and lingerie, in acts of desire and disappointment. Her project ‘Joyce’ had Juno enacting the private life of a woman consumed by the labour of constructed femininity, carried out to absurd extremes. Both projects ‘Joyce’ and ‘The Honeymoon’, have received several awards including The British Journal of Photography International Award, and Foam Museums 2016 Talent award.

“I love the colour pink. What other colour makes people feel so awkward or embarrassed? It’s juvenile and pretty, fleshy and erotic. It’s the colour of innocence but also of fantasy. It stirs up everything we’re conflicted about as a society and I love playing with that” … Juno Calypso quote from the book Hackney Studios.


Photo ‘The Honeymoon Suite, 2015’, by Juno Calypso


Brian Steptoe