A visit to the new HQ

10 February 2019

SIG: Contemporary

The Paintworks complex in Bristol is an artistic quarter and the new RPS HQ is a natural fit, as is the Martin Parr Foundation directly opposite. The auditorium with 101 seats is set out for distinction assessments as well as other presentations. The exhibition layout is a flexible arrangement, allowing for panels which break up the overall wall display area. The exhibition visitor experience would be greatly improved by more attention to curation, having, say, eight of the photographs printed and mounted (not framed) much larger, such as at 600x800mm size. Foamex mounting would be durable and allow travel to other locations. This would encourage visitor movement through the exhibition space. I particularly responded to the images which had previously appeared in photobooks, such a Jenny Lewis’s ‘One Day Young’. With my approach to photography looking for meaning and purpose, I was also attracted to images arousing an emotional response.


By Brian Steptoe, RPS Contemporary Group, Events and Publicity