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Doris, how good to meet you again

People watching is such fun – clearly Jeff Hutchinson’s relationship with his mother-in-law and his sense of humour are both strong.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 02 Feb 2017

Images about… science and the environment

Contemporary photography can appear in all kinds of publications, not just the photographic press.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 25 Jan 2017

The Greatest Photobooks

The Winter 2016 issue of SOURCE, the Photographic Review, includes the results of a poll to select the greatest photobooks ever published. Here's the 20 best books on their list.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 23 Dec 2016

Know Your Onions

Contemporary Journal is available on-line via Issuu

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 13 Dec 2016

Magnum Photobooks

Magnum past-president Susan Meiselas has said that Magnum needs a new description now that much of the members work is more personal and long term. With Martin Parr's photographs of food, Alec Soth's wanderings along the Mississippi and Olivia Arthur's fictive story Stranger, it is obvious that Magnum outputs now represent a major strand of contemporary photography, alongside that of the fine art photographer.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 26 Nov 2016

Instagram and Depression

What images we post on social media can say a lot more about us than we expect.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 01 Oct 2016

Future Perfect: What does appropriation say about us?

The sheer quantity of images online is a collective archive that represents us today. Using appropriation of these images to make new works of art Penelope Umbrico wants to know why we take and share photographs and what it says about us as humans.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 31 Jul 2016

Miniature Heroes

“Heroes” is about the disappearing landscape of small artisan shops and businesses. Pergolesi's approach creates a staged shoot highlighting details with saturated colours and golden light - made more potent by many images being displayed as transparencies in tiny light boxes.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 12 Jun 2016

A Norwegian Ballet

Take a look at the Associate Conceptual & Contemporary Portfolio from Mike Mills ARPS. Mike spent two years on his project at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet building in Oslo, visiting the site some 20 times. This is a great set of contemporary images, for me capturing the interplay of geometry and light and the impact this has on visitors to the building.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 31 May 2016

Inherit the dust – Big 5 apocalypse?

Last week, idling away an hour in an airport before boarding my flight home I came across an amazing series of images in Fotoforum; Nick Brandt built life-sized panels of Africa’s great creatures and placed them in the developed landscapes where these animals once roamed wild. The result is a great series of images about the plight of these animals.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 30 May 2016