Progress and time served

29 January 2018

SIG: Contemporary East Anglia

We are a loose, organic group here in the East, meeting up of necessity with the only scheduled meetings being our insert, stuff, stick and seal sessions where we package your Contemporary Journal and ready it for despatch to you via Royal Mail, privatised services or maybe pigeon.

It never ceases to amaze me as to how slick the pre-press and editorial is. A huge amount of work goes into readying each edition and this motley crew in the East shuffle together to bring it all home as it were.

We meet just the other side of the Scary Wood that has featured in some of my quiet studies of this manmade industrial landscape. Some images made here might appear in our exhibition in July. The jury is still out on that.

Once the stuffing was complete we conducted a critique of two of our members’ work that is being prepared for the show. We looked at that from Ellis and Marrable. We’ll discuss Ellis’ work in detail in a later post but he is exploring the 30 metre contour line on the spit of land he lives on and we hope he will be out striding the line gathering pieces to make a good edit.

Marrable on the other hand is investigating the coastline of hereabouts in his series ‘This Coast’. He has settled on the presence of Martello Towers here in Suffolk. In these times of great uncertainty, with increasing sorties by Russian bombers probing our airspace and the greatest uncertainty of all – that of Brexit, Marrable is reminding us of our peppered past by recording these vast, almost impenetrable structures and the reason for their place in our landscape.

This coast of ours is being left to the ravages of nature with swathes of it being consumed by the interminable comings and goings of the tide. These structures, put in place during the Napoleonic wars were a recognition of our vulnerability to attack, Since then we have had two world wars and a cold war all of which have left the mark in terms of structures on this coast. These structures seem to be have been more transient and vulnerable to the ravages of time compared to the Martello Towers, most of which have been repurposed. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Marrable’s images as he brings his edit together.

Oh, and the time served bit. Ellis got a gong for being a volunteer. It was presented by Avril, our Chair in a cafe on Wednesday in atrocious conditions so we had a photoshoot out in the Scary Wood with Locke making an image that will go in Concept at some point.