Area Groups

Eastern Area Group members at our August, 2014 get-together.
Eastern Group at Anglesea Abbey 18 Mar 2014
Eastern Group at Anglesey Abbey 18 Mar 2014, dressed for the weather!

The East Anglia group meets at least 4 times a year in members’ homes for an honest but friendly appreciation of each other’s work as well as a meal and an opportunity to ‘put the world right’. Of necessity therefore, these meetings are restricted to about 12 members.

However, there are 18 members of the group at present, so some restrictions will apply.

We also have occasional days out to photograph a location (usually with a good fish and chips cafe).

If you are interested in joining this group, please send your details to Barry Freeman.

A member in the Norfolk area has formed a new group; if you would like to have your details passed to him, please email the Membership Secretary.

Also email Barry Freeman if you are interested in setting up a local group yourself; the committee will give you all the help it can.



If you would like to start a small group in your area, meeting in members’ homes and talking about creative photography here is our advice:
Ask the newsletter editor to include an article in the next issue of Creative Eye, and the webmaster to put a request on this page, asking for people in your area to respond directly to you. Ask people:
   Are they interested in forming a group?
   If so, when i.e. day and time?
   Are they willing to host an occasional meeting?
The instigator may initially have to host the first meeting and organise the group, but if you have 4 to 6 meetings a year it is not an onerous task.
You could go on outings occasionally and have a set subject for work at meetings.
You could get an enormous amount of pleasure out of these meetings and everyone could improve their photography.