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About the Digital Imaging Group

Digital Imaging is now well established as a means of capturing images, and of producing both literal and creative 'end products'. But excellence in Digital Imaging is a moving target, with cameras, printers and software all offering more and more possibilities in terms of image quality, creativity, and image sharing. The Digital Imaging Group aspires to keep its members up to date with all that is changing in the field, as well as offering opportunities for its members both to experience the work of the best DI practitioners, and to participate through workshops, competitions and exhibitions.

Communicating with members

  • DIGIT is our high quality magazine that is published four times a year. It is packed with information on the Group's activities, and illuminating articles written by members on their work or experiences in the field.
  • In between issues of DIGIT, online members receive the Group's 'DIG News' newsletters, to keep them up to date with current activities and any late changing news.
  • The RPS Forum is for the exchange and promotion of ideas, for posing and answering questions, and for the sharing of images and critiques. Importantly, it has a private sub-forum dedicated to DI Group members.
  • The Committee page gives contact details for the Group's Committee members, and we are always open to views and ideas from members via this route too.

Annual Print Exhibition

Annual Projected Image Competition

DI Group Centres


  • All of the events staged by the national DIG or by any of the Centres can be viewed via the Events button above, when viewed from either the DIG section or any of the DIG Centre sub-sections.

Membership and how to join

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RPS Forum - a quick guide

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Submit one of your images for the DI Group home page

DI Group members: would you like to see one of your images on the DI Group home page?

We want to keep our home page interesting by changing the main image 'slide show' from time to time. You may have an exciting image that you think will be suitable, and we'd love to see it.
There are one or two things you'd need to know before you submit an image. Firstly, you can see that the images are rather 'panoramic', so we need images that lend themselves to this shape. Also, quite a lot of the image is hidden along the top and bottom margins. We have created a simple template overlay HERE for you to see whether your image will be suitable - it is a simple PSD file with a background and one layer.. The template has the exact pixel dimensions required of your final image.

In simple terms images need to be 1085px x 605 px but only the centre 1020 px x 380 will be fully visible. So choose an image that will be suitable for those sizes.

Please send your images to digweb@rps.org.

If you need more detailed guidance - perhaps you haven't yet explored the necessary Photoshop tools - please see our blow-by-blow procedures HERE.

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