Annual General Meeting

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The AGM was held successfuly on Sunday 24th February

Below is a summary of the AGM, if anyone would like a copy of the official minutes and various finance reports please contact Janet Haines by email.

Members received a report from the Chair, Janet Haines about how the DIG is performing, and how members feel about the Group as a result of a recent survey. (Mostly happy :-) )

Janet thanked the various publication teams (DIGIT and Accolade) as well as the rest of the committee.

There was a presentation on the Groups finances by Lynda Simpson, the Treasurer. The committee recommended that subscriptions should stay the same.

The accounts were approved.

The DIG asked and got approval for minor changes to our constitution to reflect changes that are happening in the RPS. (e.g. change "Council" to "Trustees")

The officers of the Group were voted in again, but the Chair, Janet Haines has said she will definitely stand down as next year. (She extended her tenure for a year previously, she said she won't be doing it again!)

Other members of the committee were voted in, or chose not to stand. The committee page will be updated with new member profiles.

We then had two items of AOB. the first was a proposal to sponsor a young photographer. In principle, this was approved. The committee will refine the detail. Secondly, members would be encouraged to try and recruit people to DIG with an incentive of a voucher. (See membership page).

The AGM was broadcast online using Zoom software. Initially there were some issues, the main one being a lot of "feedback". This was cured by all participants turning off their microphones, or the co-host doing it remotely!

At the end of the AGM Barry Senior Hon FRPS was presented with lifetime membership of DIG due to his work and committment to the Group over a number of years. A slide show presentation of extracts from DIGIT was shown, detailing his involvement over the years.

Below is a Zoom recording of the AGM. There is no introduction. It just starts. The sound quality is poor at the start due to participants not muting their microphones as requested. Once the co host realised he could mute their microphones remotely, the quality improved. apologies from the Chair for not repeating questions from the floor so online listeners could hear.