DIG Publications

The Digital Imaging Group produces several publications each year. Here, in one place, is information about them so that you can appreciate the differences.

Some of them are members only publications which means you will have to be a member of DIG (either DIG or Digital Imaging Online) to see them. Others are free for all to see. These publications are one way DIG gives its members tangible benefits.

DIG members who pay £16 p.a. will received printed copies of DIGIT and the catalogues. Digital Imaging Online members (£8) will read them online. All members read DIG Accolade and DIG News online.


DIGIT (Printed and Online - members only)

DIGIT is considered by many as one of the best Special Interest Group magazines. This magazine is published four times a year and covers a wide range of photographic interests.

It is published quarterly and includes many interesting and informative articles on getting the best from your digital photography.


If you have an idea for an article, or wish to contact the editor for whatever reason, please click on the link. digiteditor@rps.org

DIGIT 81 has been published. Members will received their copies through the post. Digital Imaging Online members will receive a link to view their copy via Issuu.

  • European city photography - Les Forrester
  • Splash and Flash - Sadiq Norat
  • L*a*b - An alternative workflow - Rex Waygood
  • Seeing the picture - Dr Jack Wotherspoon

....and much more.....


Cover Image: Georg-Brauchle Ring U Bahn Munich by Les Forrester

Members can also find the latest electronic issue of DIGIT by logging onto this site and going to the full DIGIT Archive page.


Click on the image below to go to a page turning software (Issuu) version of DIGIT 78.


DIG Accolade (Online only - usually members only)

Produced to share members experiences of the Distinctions process, together with information and comment from those involved in advising/assessing and administration.


Click on the image above to go to a page turning software version of the publication.


DIG News (Online only - open to all)


DIG News is a monthly newsletter usually published around the beginning of the month. It keeps members informed of DIG events around the country - as well as other meetings of other SIGs that could be of interest to members. It includes the winner of a friendly monthly photo competition, as well as reports from DIG members around the world focusing on their work.





Competition catalogues (Printed and Online - members only)

Each year the Digital Imaging Group holds two competitions - free to enter for members. One is the Print Exhibition, where you are guaranteed to have one print accepted, and the other is a PDI competition where any or all of your images can be accepted. These are sent out together with a copy of DIGIT. To access these, again, please logon to the web site and go to the DIGIT Archive page.