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DIG News  - January 2017

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'Wensleydale Portrait by ' by Anrew Williams LRPS

This past months DIG forum competition winner



This year the AGM will be held on Sunday March 5th at our usual Smethwick location.  Full information is now up on the web site – see HERE.

No charge for DIG members to attend; just a small additional price if you wish to order a lunch.  You can bring your own packed lunch if you prefer.

Our speaker is Viveca Koh FRPS

If you wish to request any item be put on the Agenda, or to nominate yourself for committee, then do get in touch with our DIG Sec, Janet Davies via  digsecretary@rps.org

We also hold the selection of the annual Exhibition Prints at the AGM – see separate item. 


Each year at the AGM we hold the selection of the members prints.  Every DIG member is eligible to enter 3 mounted prints (unmounted for Overseas members) and are guaranteed to have one selected for the travelling exhibition.  This is a FREE TO ENTER competition.

This year our three eminent selectors are
Viveca Koh FRPS
Robert Albright FRPS
Paula Davies FRPS

Each will have 2 x RPS Ribbons to award, plus they will agree on the overall trophy winner.  Announcements are made on the day and all prints are displayed in the Smethwick School House.  

It is an open class, so no restriction on what you submit in terms of style.  However it must not have been submitted to any prior DIG national competition (i.e. previous DIG print exhibitions or the annual PI Comp).  DIG Centre competitions do not count.  

Our Exhibition Organiser, Marilyn Taylor works enormously hard in preparing for this event and then making sure the various exhibitions held around the UK are hung on time and look their best.  She has prepared two downloadable Word documents for you.  One is the application form and the other a detailed information sheet.  Please help her by reading these thoroughly and getting your submission prepared accurately.  We ask you to submit digital files as well as your prints, as we need these for the exhibition catalogue, which we print and comes out to every DIG Member.  

Postage is always a barrier to some members submitting work so we have endeavoured to give assistance with this.  You will find a list of people/meetings around the UK who are acting as drop-off points for prints.  Full information about this is within the information document you can download.  Return postage costs can be paid online through the RPS online payments system.  OR of course if you are attending the AGM, or know someone who is, then you can bring your prints on the day, having completed application by the deadline of   MONDAY FEBRUARY 20th 2017.
Special arrangements are being made to encourage our Overseas members to submit their work.  A separate email will go out to all OS DIG members shortly.  

If you go to the DIG web page HERE both downloadable documents can be found there.  Or if you prefer then click on the icons below.


Click on the icon for a copy of the Rules and Expanded Information   Click on the above icon for a copy of the Entry Form


We hope that as many of you as possible will enter as in 2017 all your selected images will go on display at the DI Expo in September.




HQ tell me there are no ratified new panels for December so no members to congratulate yet.



  Except one who passed his LRPS first time a few weeks ago – Greg Dunn LRPS.  Well done Greg.  I know you worked really hard to put this panel together, even going out and specially shooting  the mono street view, to show movement, to ensure you demonstrated that specific skill. 

So I asked Greg to write a few words and show us his work…….

In the summer of 2012, soon after relocating from Canada to The Netherlands, I joined a local photography club. It was through a couple of members at this club that I was introduced to the RPS. After viewing their work, and the society's website, I recognized the professionalism it represented. Aspiring to that standard I set about working towards my Licentiate distinction.

Putting together my Licentiate panel taught me three important lessons:

1.    Photograph with purpose.
Identifying and demonstrating the technical skills and competence required for a Licentiate distinction gave my photography a new purpose. I wasn't simply capturing vacation snaps or Facebook fodder anymore, I was deliberately creating work of a much higher standard. This intentional approach has stuck with me.

2.    The importance of feedback and support.
I was fortunate to have been part of a Chapter "study group", where a number of members in our particular Chapter, all working towards a distinction level, met once a month to show and discuss our progress. I also took part in an Advisory Day. This was a big step, a tough step, but in the end a positive one as it helped me identify weaknesses and strengths in my panel and focused my work even further.

3.    My photography improved.
As I packaged up my prints to take them to my assessment I reflected on the progress I had made not only in the quality of my work but in my approach to it as well. I am very proud of achieving my LRPS, but I'm equally proud of the effort I put into it.

I am now working towards my Associate distinction, in part because it is the next logical step, but mostly because of the creative drive that was sparked by simply putting in the work to attain my Licentiate distinction.








Even though it was December the Forum competition had a good number of entrants, including one or two new comers.  So it was good to see one such ‘new comer’ win.  We hope this will encourage other DIG members to have a go too.  

Our congratulations to Andrew Williams LRPS with his lovely sheep portrait.  In Andrews own words………..
Thank you to all who voted for me, it's my first try at the forum competition so I really didn't expect a win.





Each year my wife, who is a felt maker, and I go to 'Woolfest', an event held in a cattle market near Cockermouth, Cumbria celebrating everything wooly. While she takes in the trade stands to stock up on supplies, I take the opportunity for some photography. Several Sheep breed societies have stands and show off their immaculately groomed prize animals in the market pens.On the plus side you can get really close and shoot at a low level through the bars, on the minus side it's quite dark and the backgrounds can be messy, as can the floor where you have to kneel!



I get a lot of queries about the processing of this image, particularly the textured background. In fact this is almost a straight shot and the background is the original riveted, galvanised steel sheet at the back of the pen.

Apart from some delicate Photoshop work in removing a bright yellow plastic ear tab, the image was processed in Lightroom to bring out the shadows, particularly around the eye and the texture in the fleece. The background was darkened to set off the portrait.

It’s ended up as one of my favourite prints but ironically not really my style … the search goes on.
In second place we had an interesting street scene from Richard Hainsworth LRPS


Rua Do Cemiterio (Cemetery Road)


Third place shows the variety of work we get on the forum with this dramatic one from Mike Bennett LRPS

Trawler at Sea




Thought it might be good to get back to some basics to start the New Year.  First how to improve your image from the camera.   Click the image to go to the YouTube video from Ken.