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           Making the most of your DIG Membership




DIG is a community of photographers where, unlike other Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the RPS we are non-genre specific.  DIG was formed in 1996 when digital cameras first started being used by club photographers.    This group of early adopters aimed to help one another when little information and help resources existed.  This philosophy is sill at the heart of the DIG and forms the bedrock of our activities.  

On our web pages you will find lots of information to help you engage and enjoy your DIG membership, whether you are a UK member or overseas.  

DIGIT is produced once a quarter  Our high quality flagship magazine is delivered to your door.  If you are an overseas member then we use airmail to get this to you as quickly as possible.  In the near future DIGIT will also be available to you online, in addition to your printed copy, enabling you to read it on your tablet or phone should you wish.  It carries no advertising and is packed full of interesting and stimulating articles by the members and for the members.  When we hold our two member annual  competitions then winning and accepted images are printed in DIGIT.

To get you started, here are two recent editions of DIGIT for you to enjoy. Click on the images to take you to page turning software to read the magazines.

In addition to receiving new editions of DIGIT the entire back library of DIGITs are available in the archive HERE.  You need to be logged in and seeing ‘My RPS’ in the big blue button on the top of the screen to access this area.  

DIG News  comes out the first week in every month.  You receive an email alert to tell you when it has been uploaded but the current edition is always available on the web page HERE.   The aim of DIG News is to keep members up to date with things that are happening, successes of members and general interesting information.

DIG FORUM  - We pride ourselves on having the most active area of the RPS Forum.  It is exclusive to DIG Members, but we do have a ‘lobby’ which is accessible to other RPS members.  The aim of this lobby is to give them a peek at what DIG gets up to and to engage with them in the hope that they will join us.

To see the main DIG Forum sections and participate you need to be logged in.  Rather than list all the various sections on the forum here is what it looks like

Images for Discussion’ section is where you may post one image per week for feedback and discussion amongst the members.  It is a friendly group of people and does not suffer the back biting of other online forums.  

Monthly Competition’ is exactly what it says it is on the tin.  At the end of each month there is a link at the bottom of the images to take you off to the voting form.  Choose your top 3 – any DIG member can vote regardless of whether they have submitted an image or not.  The winner each month becomes the front page image of the following months DIG News.  

DIG CENTRES -  We have 6 active Centres around the UK; the Eastern Region Centre is currently dormant awaiting someone to volunteer to take on the Organisers role there.  

Each Centre has it’s own web space.  You will find them listed on the RHS of our web site, near the bottom.  Or go direct to the overall page HERE and follow the link to the Centre nearest you.  All Centres have at least 4 meetings per year primarily for DIG members, but open to anyone.  Why not contact the Centre Organisers to get your name on their circulation list to be sure you get information about the meetings.  

ANNUAL COMPETITIONS – there are two free to enter member only comps each year.  We start the year off with our Print Exhibition selection.  You enter 3 prints and are guaranteed to have one selected for the travelling DIG Exhibition.  For full information go to the web page HERE

Around August time we hold the Projected Image competition, which has two categories Open and Creative.   You enter online, each image is judged and scored.  Compositions gaining the acceptance level are printed in DIGIT and are part of the slideshow, which is put up online.  All participants get a private email of their scores.  For full information and to view the most recent competition winners go HERE  

MEMBER GALLERIES  all RPS members are entitled to put up their own gallery of images.  We encourage our DIG members to do theirs – be proud of your work and share it with others.  To help you through the process you will find a downloadable  pdf on this page.

RPS MEMBERS MANUAL  The final downloadable pdf file you will find on this page is the RPS Members Manual.  Whilst this is obviously generic to everyone we thought it might be easier for our members to find if we included it here.  

DIG COMMITTEE  We are always happy to hear from our members.  You will find the full list of everyone, plus their contact email addresses HERE.


Click Here to download the Members Manual
Click Here to learn how to Upload a Gallery