Landscape and Fine Art Photography (DIG Expo 23rd September)

17 August 2017

SIG: Digital Imaging

Paul has a real passion for landscape photography and we are proud to say he will be sharing this passion with us talking about filters at The Digital Imaging Group Expo 2017. He tells us that his landscape photography started as a form of therapy when he struggled to cope with the pressure and stress of his previous job as Picture Editor of The Times newspaper. In 2011, he left The Times to pursue his love for landscape photography.

Long exposures are his favourite and his work is heavily influenced by art. He keeps a sketchbook to hand and usually draws the scene, making notes of emotions, sounds, smells and feelings. He says “You have to connect with the subject you are photographing, whatever your chosen genre of photography. If you are emotionally switched off from your photography you will never achieve the results that really touch you”.

Filters are high on his list of “must have” equipment for long exposure photography and Lee filters will have a trade stand at Expo too, so an ideal opportunity to hear an inspirational talk and then order the filters you have been thinking about for a while.

Come and join us on 23rd September 2017 at The Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport to hear Paul and other inspirational talks at DIG Expo.

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