DIG Scotland Members - Recent Successes

John Bernard LRPS 2016

Congratulations to John whose L panel was successful in 2016

John Bernard LRPS Panel 2016



Fiona Cadger ARPS Panel (Creative) 2016

Fiona's Statement of intent:

Abandoned to the ravages of time and the elements, an old wooden boat would typically be a point of interest within a larger image.

But what if we take the time to really see the boat, could a raft of opportunities open up to us?

Once the context of what is being photographed blurs into insignificance, it gives our imagination the opportunity to take over and opens up our minds to the possibility of seeing hidden images.

Henry David Thoreau expressed it nicely when he said:

“It’s not what you look at that matter, it’s what you see”. 

Nancy MacArthur ARPS Panel (Creative) 2016

Andy Hayes ARPS Panel (Natural History) 2015

Hilary Jackson ARPS Panel (Creative) 2015

Graeme Allison