Submit Slider Images

Details of how to submit 'slider' images for the Thames Valley Centre home page.

DI Group members: would you like to see one or more of your images on the Thames Valley Centre home page? This is the large image that changes every few seconds, behind the section title. You may have an exciting image or two that you think will be suitable, and we'd love to see them.
There are one or two things you'd need to know before you submit an image. Firstly, you can see that the images are rather 'panoramic', so we need images that lend themselves to this shape. Also, quite a lot of the image is hidden along the top and bottom margins, and behind text (particularly on the left hand side). We have created a simple template overlay HERE for you to see whether your image will be suitable - it is a simple PSD file with a background and switchable layers. The template has the exact pixel dimensions required for your final image. It has layers that you can switch on and off to see the efect of the overlay masking when your image is used for the Thames Valley Centre home page, the DIG (or any SIG) home page, a Region home page, or the home page of the RPS itself.

In simple terms images need to be 1085px x 605px. Only the centre 1020px x 380px will be fully visible, but some other areas are partly visible - the mask template shows this. So choose an image that will be suitable for those sizes.

Please send your images to

We suggest you use our template in conjunction with our blow-by-blow procedures PDF HERE.