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14 April 2014

SIG: Digital Imaging

Yesterday we had a very entertaining and educational presentation from Guy Gowan who was not afraid of saying what he believes. Guy’s approach to the reproduction of images was developed from the world of graphics and the use of rotary drum scanners. This clearly demonstrated these unit’s ability to achieve levels of image quality beyond what is possible with digital cameras. Using techniques derived from his knowledge of these scanners, Guy demonstrated how to implement these techniques using the tools in Photoshop and achieve images with superior image quality. Controversial at times, always entertaining, and we left hoping we had notes detailed enough to try out these techniques at home.

Laurie Pate

DIG Thames Valley

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07 August 2014

Sorry for the delay in writing this contrast process up but here it is (my understanding):
Open the image in Photoshop;
Click on Channels tab;
Press Ctrl + click on RGB channel to select highlights;
Click on Layers tab to go back to layers;
Create a Curves adj layer with mask (m,ask will be selection as a greyscale);
Rename layer 'H' for highlights;
Copy this layer;
Invert the newly copied layer and rename it 'S' for shadows;
Go to Adjustments panel and click on the options icon top right and select 'Curves display options';
Change 'Show amount of...' to Pigment;
Then adjust both H and S layers by 10% in opposite directions;

To create the option of increasing the contrast by 10% increments just copy the H and S layers and rename them +20% and -20% and likewise for 30% then just toggle them on or off as desired.

I created an action to take the slog out of it and then just switch off the additional layers as needed.

I also grouped them to keep the contrast process tidy.

Guy Gowan said this action needed to be done as the first thing in post I believe.

Good luck. JM

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01 July 2014

Me too, please.

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24 June 2014

Yes, please. I would like to know more.

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04 June 2014

Whilst Guy's presentation style was bordering on intimidating I found a lot of what he said very constructive. It is refreshing to see and hear someone who is not afraid to challenge 'the way things are done'. I took a lot of notes and one of the most useful was his process for applying contrast. I created an action and now use it most of the time. If anyone wants it spelt out here I would be happy to write it up as another comment.

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