Thames Valley DIG event with Emily Hancock ARPS FBIPP

16 March 2014

SIG: Digital Imaging

Thames Valley DIG had an excellent event with Emily Hancock ARPS FBIPP, our guest presenter today. We were not to sure what to expect from a presenter specialising in equine photography, but it was soon very clear that what Emily was presenting was highly applicable to all types of photography. Emily covered preparation for a shoot, the shoot itself, selling the end product, marketing, and went on to explain how she is moving into fine art photography. What was so refreshing was how open she was about her methods, and illustrating how to maximise returns from a very niche market. Questions from the floor were continuous throughout the day, and very honestly answered. Anyone listening to Emily who wanted to learn more about the details of succeeding in the business of photography must have gone away from the event vowing to attend one of Emily's training courses.

Laurie Pate

Centre Organiser


Comments (2)

17 March 2014

I cannot agree more. A rewarding day for anybody wishing to turn their photography into a business. For anybody not proposing to do so Emily's pictures were a real delight.

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Carol Drew
17 March 2014

I would thoroughly endorse Laurie's comments. Yesterday's presentation by Emily was totally absorbing and the day flew by.

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