Tom Way and Eva Worobiec

15 February 2016

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Thames Valley DIG had a super day with two very different topics and presenters. Firstly, award winning photographer Tom Way showed us some of his superb wildlife images from both the UK and abroad. To achieve the “money” shot, Tom described the patience and practice required, which often stretching into weeks. Tom also described how he taught himself how to be critical of his own work, and would not employ any pixel-level editing. For our second presentation, Eva Worobiec described how she worked with husband Tony on themes that led to a number of coffee-table books. These included images of buildings in the USA mid-West of diners, motels, cinemas, that were often neon-lit, and old abandoned house and schools. A number of her images had been used for book covers and produced some useful income. So a very informative and entertaining day.