A Farrago and Rewiring the Brain

25 September 2016

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Andy Beel FRPS together with Bob Ryan ARPS FRSA gave us a double act last weekend, bringing together a professional photographer plus a specialist in the development of expert skill and to talk about the steps to follow if you want to make the jump from good to great photography. Andy’s superb photography and Bob’s presentation skills were greatly appreciated by all. We had lots of humour from the double act, and learnt much about photographic ‘constructs’. Andy used Lightroom to demonstrate how he achieved his monochrome images. Bob’s book, ‘The Master Photographer’, describes how the journey from good to great isn't as easy as some would claim as there isn't a wonderful thing called a photographer's eye that you can acquire for the price of a book.  Forty years of research has given them a powerful strategy for tapping into the power of the human brain and using it to the best photographic advantage. We were given lots of thoughts and ideas to work on to improve our photography.

Photo: Our TVDIG Event by Alan Cross LRPS