The Art of Photography and Lighting for Still Life 23 April 2017

24 April 2017

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Our presenter for the day, Andrew Mills MA ARPS, took us on a photographic ‘journey’ with a kaleidoscope of images from historic and current photographers. Andrew was uncovering the Art in photography and illustrating the broad range of approaches and styles that have been used in the past, leading on to more recent works.
In the afternoon Andrew showed us how to set up a still life using classic components such as a wine bottle and various fruits and vegetables.
He went on to explain several ways in which we could employ simple lighting techniques at home to achieve different results, simulating window light.
After that he showed us some interesting but simple ways to light glass objects.
He ended the day demonstrating lighting for a portrait with just one light, which could be adapted using the light from a window, and again with a few variations on the same theme.
Throughout the day he kept us informed of useful tips and tricks, leaving us with new ideas to explore in our photography.