Mike McNamee FRPS - Digital Image Evolution

21 February 2017

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

In a very enjoyable and informative full day, we had something for both experienced and less experienced photographers in the field of creative photography. Mike took attendees through a whole series of topics ranging from creative photography before PhotoShop, to tasking us to get creative with a series of provided images. Attendees came up with numerous creative and imaginative suggestions, occasionally along the same lines that Mike had imagined. Mike also showed us examples of creative images from a number of photographers that illustrated what could be achieved. We were also treated to a mixture of both basic and advanced techniques for achieving these creative images using PhotoShop. After a session on colour management and printing, we went into choosing the correct paper for our images, and allowed to both see and handle prints made on a number of paper types. And as a final gesture, all attendees received copies of Mike’s presentation slides which contain a wealth of very useful information. A wonderful day - there were some spare seats, so a great shame that a few more photographers did not benefit from it.