Paul Sanders gives TVDIG a roller coaster of a day!

27 March 2017

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Attendees at Sunday’s event were treated to a roller coaster of emotions, with Paul Sanders talking us through his life and career story. As picture desk editor of The Times, Paul’s normal day would require looking at thousands of images, plus many thousands more when eventful occasions were occurring, hoping to find the one image that would illustrate the front page story for the next day’s edition, plus images for other pages. The responsibility of sending photographers to conflict zones to capture war images, distressing scenes, or dangerous locations was not easy. Paul’s first presentation covered the history of images appearing The Times, followed by some very difficult decisions on what could be published. In complete contrast, Paul’s afternoon presentation covered his life after The Times, and a much slower approach to photography, taking the time to experience locations, before setting up his camera for his long exposure preferences. Paul’s approach to photography today is to have fun, and not conform to guidelines that might win competitions. Putting human emotion into his photography and experimenting with techniques to find out what could work, and what might be worth following up, is what drives him. This event had it all, humour, sadness, history, and information, it captivated all of us for the day, and will live long in the memory.