Pinholes and Pixels

14 November 2017

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Woodland Ways

Paul began his Woodland Ways presentation with a tour through the four seasons, his stunning images showing that, as he said, “a woodland is not just for autumn”. Describing the benefits of regularly exploring local woodlands, Paul showed how frequent visits in all weathers allow the photographer to appreciate and capture the subtle differences of light, colour and texture that occur with the changing conditions. It was clear that a woodland visit for Paul was about far more than just photography. One couldn't fail to be aware of the emotional connection between the photographer and subject. His display of prints included a portfolio of images that gained a Commendation in the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition.

Following his inspirational presentation of projected digital images and prints, Paul gave an insight into his post production workflow. Keen to stress that he was demonstrating procedures that 'worked for him', he gave a fascinating insight into the way he works with Lightroom and Photoshop to produce prints that represent the scene as he experienced it at the time of capture. It was clear that his approach to 'digital processing' has been influenced by his experience and understanding of darkroom processes with frequent references to subtle 'dodging' and 'burning'. He stressed that any post production work that he does now is really no different to what he would have done in the darkroom, albeit digital.

Spirit of Light

For the afternoon session Paul gave an illustrated talk on his pinhole photography. He showed a range of stunning images that left no doubt about his command of the technical and creative aspects of using a pinhole camera. In addition to a broad range of images taken over a ten year period, he showed the panel of pinhole images that gained him a Fellowship award in 2014.

The soft etherial images in his panel were much admired by the audience, the images providing a dramatic contrast to his colour digital work shown earlier in the day. The range of subject matter was surprising, monochrome and colour, landscape, seascape, vehicles, and even a selfie!



A very popular speaker, Paul attracted the largest audience of the year.

Thank you Paul for a great day.

Main photo by Marilyn Taylor ARPS